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A renewed vision for The Galleries

Outline plans to transform The Galleries are close to being finalised but before they are, we’re keen to get your views on them

The plans are being brought forward by Bristol-based developer, Deeley Freed, together with LaSalle Investment Management.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity looks to reinvent this important city centre destination, opening it up to Castle Park and Broadmead, and providing a much more diverse day and night offer that includes shops, food, entertainment, community facilities, and open space on the ground floor, with new homes, including affordable, and office space above.

It's taken four years to get to get here and we’re thankful for all the feedback and support we’ve received from: neighbours, shoppers, retailers, stakeholders, officers and the City Centre Development and Delivery Plan team. We’ve listened to what has been said and made some big changes. The key pillars guiding the scheme include:

  • Championing the city centre – creating a great place that brings people back and supports the wider area (both during the day and night).
  • Connecting to Castle Park - removing traffic from Newgate and having cafes and restaurants facing out to the park.
  • Widening the proposed streets through the site, making it more people-friendly.
  • Prioritising the environment and nature through climate-friendly landscaping and amenity areas at all levels and incorporating the latest environmental features.
  • Ensuring this is as inclusive, safe, vibrant and community-minded as possible, with a mix of commercial and community uses, alongside affordable, student and open-market housing - a place for all ages.

The extensive level of work so far has been about making sure this works for Bristol: creating an inclusive place people want to visit, live and work in, that responds to the changing face of retail and the city’s housing, climate and ecology crises, and celebrates the jewel that is Castle Park and the Floating Harbour.

To view the webinar recording and further information on the plans, please click on the links

Please do get in touch with questions and feedback. You can do this in a number of ways:

The consultation will close on the 5th March, with the aim of submitting plans to Bristol City Council later in March or April.

Please note this will be an Outline application, meaning it’s looking at the principle of our proposals, not the detail of the design. Should permission be granted, a separate application relating to the more detailed aspects would follow next year.

Key principles

Illustrative scheme

Overview of the illustrative scheme - click to enlarge

Illustrative Scheme overview

  1. 1.5 acres of the site footprint given over to high quality equitable Public Realm maximised with greening.
  2. A new Community Building and Public Hub in the heart of the scheme, providing secure cycle and blue badge parking, WCs and adult changing facilities.
  3. Over 8,000 sqm of flexible retail, food and beverage options, provided in a range of unit sizes and types to meet community needs.
  4. Housing for up to 450 homes overlooking the park and arranged around a shared courtyard.
  5. Over 46,000 sqm of workspace, providing places for employment for up to 3,450 people.
  6. Up to 750 beds in purpose-built student accommodation.
  7. Flexibility to allow for a 250 room hotel.
  8. Night-time economy supported by a 1,800 sqm leisure facility.

Latest news

Comments please

Thu 22nd Feb 2024 at 15:09

Thanks to all those who attended the walking tour and webinars, the feedback has been really positive. For those who missed it, the webinar presentation and webinar recording are now available to view on the section below, and you can submit comments in a number of ways - through the feedback form, interactive map, or by email or phone (0800 689 5209).

Please note, the consultation ends on the 5th March. From then we will be looking to analyse the comments and finalise the outline plans, and submit an application in late March or April.

Pre-submission consultation details announced

Mon 12th Feb 2024 at 09:29

Outline plans to transform The Galleries are close to being finalised but before they are, we're keen to get your views on them

The team will be hosting a number of events during the week of the 19th February and updating the website shortly afterwards. To register, please click on the links above.

December '23 Update

Tue 5th Dec 2023 at 12:20

Through 2023 the team have been continuing to develop the plans and we hope to be in a position to submit an application in early Spring. Ahead of that we are keen to update everyone and will be issuing an update in mid-January and hosting a number of engagement events at the end of the month. As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.


Technical due diligence, concept development and initial stakeholder engagement


Main consultation

July and August 2022

Review and refinement of plans, and ongoing stakeholder engagement


Pre-submission public updates and engagement events

Feb-Mar 2024

Submission of application

Spring 2024

Anticipated construction start


Subject to planning

Anticipated first opening


Subject to planning

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